The combination of great licenses and superior quality and design is what we do best. Our current line-up of brands include You-tube and Social Media sensations "Ryan's World", FGTeeV", and ""
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Ryan’s World is the most popular kids and family YouTube channel on the planet! Ryan’s channels have 58+ Billion video views, 41+ million subscribers and counting. Bonkers Toys partnered with to create Ryan’s very first toy line under the brand, Ryan’s World.

At FGTeeV, the FV Family’s energy and enthusiasm is truly contagious! Their YouTube channels have 19+ million subscribers and 20 billion views to date.  The new line of figures and other toys from Bonkers are based on the FGTeeV family including Duddy, the kids, and their cast of animated characters.

LOGO_FGTeeV-S3.png is one of the biggest gaming apps appealing to all ages.  It has been a worldwide game sensation with over 30 billion game plays.

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Braille is the #1 YouTube skateboarding channel with over 4.5 million subscribers and 1.4 billion lifetime views. Their series, Skate Everything, features crazy themed skateboards made from computer keyboards, surfboards, toys, and more.

Trinity & Beyond, has reached 160 million views per month and continues to accelerate.  The channel is a huge hit with kids ages 3-8 who watch Trinity and her sister Madison showcase playful challenges, exciting adventures, and vlogs that share a glimpse into all the family fun.

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