LankyBox, the most highly viewed YouTube gaming duo in the world, features stars Justin and Adam, along with their cast of animated characters including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky. They create high-energy, laugh-out-loud videos including challenges, gaming and shorts. LankyBox has over 18 million subscribers across their YouTube channels and over 20 billion lifetime videos views. They have partnered with Bonkers Toys to create their first retail toy line launching Fall 2022.

2011 Giant Mystery Box scene high res.jpg

LankyBox Giant Mystery Box

For LankyBox fans who can’t get enough of the wildly popular YouTube channel, the Giant Mystery Box is here! The all-new set is filled with awesome collectibles, making it the ultimate surprise unboxing experience. It contains figures, a 6” glow-in-the-dark plush, a squishy, a pop-it fidget toy, Canny with a pop-out Sticky, and stickers. The case also doubles as a role play helmet, so kids can be just like the famous character Boxy! All of the contents capture the high energy and creative charisma of the LankyBox videos.

2042 Mini Mystery Box scene high res.jpg

LankyBox Mini Mystery Box 

What’s better than one Braille Skateboarding collectible mini board? Well two of course! The 2-Pack of finger boards features one that can be seen, and the other that is blind to add to the surprise. All are inspired by the Braille viral YouTube videos including the toy block board, grass grip tape board, and the chain link board. Collect them all and master your fingerboard tricks. 12 different boards in the first assortment.

2021 Collectible Plush in tray high res.jpg

LankyBox Plush

LankyBox followers know that the YouTube channel stars Justin & Adam are crazy about plush, and now for the first time they will be available at major retailers! The new 6” plush are super soft versions of the adorable, well-known characters on the LankyBox channel including Rocky, Foxy, and Boxy. They are the perfect addition to the LankyBox collection, as fans can choose their favorite character - or all three! 

2000 Mystery Figures scene  high res.jpg

LankyBox Mini Mystery Figures 

LankyBox is known for their high energy and cast of crazy characters. Now for the first time, fans of the wildly popular gaming duo can enjoy their own collection of characters based on their YouTube channel! There are 10 total to collect in the first assortment, including Foxy, Rocky, and ultra-rare Canny. 

2003 Mystery Squishies scene high res.jpg

LankyBox Mystery Squishies

The new LankyBox squishies are so soft and satisfying, fans of the wildly popular YouTube channel will want to collect them all. The first series of squishy figures contains some of the most well-known characters from the LankyBox channel, including Foxy, Ghosty, and Thicc Shark. There are 6 total in the first assortment.