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Ryan’s World is the most popular kids and family YouTube channel on the planet! Ryan’s channels have 35+ Billion video views, 30+ million subscribers and counting. Bonkers Toys partnered with pocket.watch to create Ryan’s very first toy line under the brand, Ryan’s World.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Micro Figure 2 Pack

Ryan’s World just got…smaller! Micro figures are all the rage with kids and collectors and now Ryan is in on the action. The brand new Ryan’s World Mystery Micro Figure blind bags include 2 micro figures each. Featuring Ryan and his animated friends and sidekicks including Combo Panda & Gus.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Micro Figure 5 Pack 


The Ryan’s World Micro Figure 5 pack is a “must-have” for fans. The new 2” figures are the perfect addition to kids’ Ryan’s World collections. The Micro Figure 5 pack includes 1 figure shown and 4 that are blind for the ultimate surprise. Featuring Ryan and all his animated friends and sidekicks including Alpha Lexa, Sheldon & Combo Panda.

Cap’n Ryan’s Dig & Discover Treasure


With the success of Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest, Bonkers Toys is introducing more pirate fun for Spring 2020. The all new Cap’n Ryan’s Dig & Discover Treasure combines the fun of a dig toy, and the surprise of unboxing an exclusive Ryan’s World Mystery Figure.

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Ryan’s World™ Giant Mystery Egg - Series 4


The award-winning Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg celebrates its 4th edition in Spring 2020. Kids can be just like Ryan from Ryan Toys Review when they unbox their Giant Mystery Egg from Bonkers Toys! The Series 4 Egg features even more variety and surprises. Which vehicle will you get? The delightful dune buggy? The rugged 4x4 truck?  Or the highly anticipated hovercraft? Also featuring an amazing assortment of putty, squishies, Build-a-Ryan Figures, Mystery Figures, stickers and tattoos. The flagship toy in the Ryan’s World line, stands at almost a foot tall and has been selling out at retailers across the country.

Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest


Kids will have the biggest Ryan’s World unboxing experience to date when they dive into Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest from Bonkers Toys. 

The pirate themed chest doubles as a sturdy storage case, which is always a bonus for moms. Upon opening the chest, kids will find 8 secret compartments, each containing exclusive mystery figures, Build-a-Ryan figures, gold coins, gem putty and, of course, skeleton keys to unlock the surprises. Find the right key to unlock the top of the chest and reveal fun pirate gear. Underneath the first batch of surprises, kids will find even more fun with a dig and discover toy with an ultra-rare surprise, and the hero item, the ultimate mystery toy that even includes its own micro surprise. 3 different versions including an ultra-rare chase version!

Ryan’s World™ Mini Mystery Egg – Series 3


Great things come in smaller packages!  New for Spring 2020, the 5 inch tall egg is filled with all-new themed fun. Featuring 12 different themes for spring including, Polar Expedition, Galactic Adventure, Royal Ryan and the Ultra Rare, Golden Titan. Each mystery themed egg includes a micro-figure, an exclusive Mystery Figure, putty, tattoos and vinyl stickers. The Mini Mystery Egg is the ideal unboxing experience at an affordable price.

Ryan’s World™ Build-a-Ryan EGGstravaganza


Bonkers is egg-cited to announce the Series 2 edition of Eggstravaganza. This egg-ceptional Ryan’s World toy line allows kids to build and create their very own Ryan’s World figures. The cleverly packaged egg crate is filled with Build-a-Ryan components so fans can mix and match. Each set includes pieces to make three complete figures that may include Star Sprinkle Astro Lexa, Dragon Ninja Ryan, and even Posh Peck.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Squishy XL


Maximize your Ryan’s World fun with the XL Mystery Squishy from Bonkers Toys. Series 2 features all new characters including: Diver Ryan, Glow-in-the-Dark Gus and Invisi Ryan! Each extra-large squishy comes in a blind bag for unboxing fun. So soft, squeezy and satisfying, kids can’t put them down.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Blind Bag Figures – Series 4


As Ryan’s World expands, so does the Mystery Figure Assortment from Bonkers Toys. Featuring new characters from Ryan’s videos including  Alpha Lexa, Gil, Shelldon, Posh Peck and, of course, Combo Panda. All new versions of Ryan including Sous Chef Ryan, Red Ninja Ryan and more surprises. 12 figures in the series 4 assortment, each with their own accessory, including rare and ultra-rare versions.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Goo – Series 4


Get grossed out with ooey, gooey, Ryan’s World Mystery Goo.  Featured in blind capsules, it combines the fun of goo with a blind unboxing experience. Will it be Arctic Ice? Electro Teal? Or maybe the rare 24K Liquid Gold? 6 different colors in the series 4 assortment.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Putty – Series 4

Pull it, stretch it, and best of all, collect it. Ryan’s World Mystery Putty features 6 different cosmic colors, all in blind eggs. Including Peck Purple, Emoji Yellow, and Wizard Blue.

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Ryan’s World™ Mystery Squishy – Series 4


Squish, squish, hooray! Ryan’s World’s squishy figures are so soft and satisfying, kids can’t put them down. Based on Ryan’s most popular videos, the series 4 assortment includes all new characters including Rescue Diver Ryan, Roller Girl Alpha Lexa, and Sir Ryan the Brave.

Ryan’s World™ Mystery Figures 2 Pack


What could be better than one Ryan figure? Well two, of course! In the Ryan’s World 2 Pack Figures, one is shown and the other is completely blind, adding to the unboxing fun.

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