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We’re BONKERS about toys!

Not just any toys, but quality, on-point products made with a little extra TLC. We deliver what fans want to collect. The toys kids are texting and tweeting about. Products that are true-to-license, technically savvy and totally in tune with today’s trends.

Since the company’s inception in 2015, Bonkers Toys has been at the forefront of digital media and signed licenses for some of the hottest YouTube influencers and most popular gaming apps.

In 2017, Bonkers Toys recognized the massive potential of internet game sensation,™, and secured the worldwide toy license. With over 35 billion game plays to date, fans have clamored to get their hands on the toys and collectibles.

2018 brought the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the most popular YouTuber on the planet, Ryan’s World™, in partnership with™. Bonkers Toys was the very first licensee and launched the Ryan’s World toy line into the stratosphere. The flagship toy, the award-winning Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg, was one of the most highly sought after toys of the 2018 holiday season, soon followed by the Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest in 2019.

With the dominance of YouTube as the preferred entertainment source for kids, Bonkers continued to shine in the influencer arena with the launch of the FGTeeV toy line based on one of today’s most-popular gaming and family-friendly entertainment channels. The FGTeeV product line premiered at major retailers in Fall 2019 and has been another massive hit with fans.

2020 solidifies Bonkers Toys’ dominance as the leader for digital media based toys with the upcoming launch of lines for Trinity & Beyond, Braille Skateboarding, and many more powerhouse channels.

Bonkers’ award-winning toys have been featured in major media including the TODAY Show, GMA, Parents Magazine, NBC Nightly News, the Toy Insider and the Wendy Williams Show.

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