Aphmau is the #1 female-led gaming channel on YouTube with more than 10.8 million subscribers and over 8.8 million lifetime views. Gaming is more mainstream than ever and 48% of gamers are female. Aphmau is partnering with Bonkers Toys to launch her very first line of retail toys.

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Aphmau MeeMeows Mystery Plush

Aphmau is known for her love of cats, and now her fans can collect their very own mini versions of her animated feline friends! Each MeeMeow Mystery Plush in Litter 1 comes in a blind pack for surprise unboxing fun. There are 8 different MeeMeows in the first assortment, including Cheeseburger Cat, Donut Cat, & Sugar Skull Cat. They are supersoft & adorable, and the purr-fect collectible item for Aphmau fans