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At FGTeeV, the FV Family’s energy and enthusiasm is truly contagious! Their YouTube channels have 19+ million subscribers and 20 billion views to date.  The new line of figures and other toys from Bonkers are based on the FGTeeV family including Duddy, the kids, and their cast of animated characters.

436 Mr BEATS scene high res.jpg



Join the party withthe brand new B.E.A.T.S. surprise box from the wildly popular FGTeeV YouTube channel. This exciting new boombox style playset features 6 hit songs from the FGTeeV YouTube channels and contains exclusive collectible figures, a removable DJ booth, and a working microphone to sing along! With popular hits like “Ape Chase”, “I’m a Gurkey Turkey”, and “Granny’s Blueberry Pie Got Flies”, this new set is the ultimate item for the biggest FGTeeV fans!

438 Psycho Pig scene high res.jpg

FGTeeV Psycho Pig Party Pack

She’s coming for you she’s a Psycho Pig! Psycho Pig is on the loose, and now is the chance to party with her! Based on the FGTeeV hit Psycho Pig music video, this set plays the original Psycho Pig song and comes with 6 collectible pig themed mini figures based on each of the FV family members. It also includes wearable pig gear so fans can dress up just like their favorite funny villain.

Psycho Pig Party Pack

437 FGTeeV Dinner scene high res.jpg

FGTeeV Chef Duddy Dinner


He’s a gamer, YouTuber, musician, and now he’s even a chef! Duddy from FGTeeV has cooked up an all-new toy for his follwers to collect. The Chef Duddy FGTeeV Dinner contains food themed versions of fan-favorite FTGeeV collectible toys, including Gurkey Turkey gravy putty, and exclusive Micro Stax figures like Chef Duddy, Barista Lexi, and Funnel Cake Boy. Stack them high with the rest of the Micro Stax line of figures to create some crazy characters!

435 Giant TeeV Series 3 scene low

FGTeeV Giant Mystery TeeV Season 3


The FGTeeV Family brings ultimate fun to their fans with the Season 3 Giant Mystery TeeV. The ultimate unboxing experience features a giant green “toxic” themed TV storage case, collectible mystery figures based on animated characters from their YouTube channels and all new buildable Micro Stax figures, a noise-making Baggo Beans, a squishy “splat” ball, a “toxic” noise putty with barrell, glow-in-the-dark stickers, and magnets. It even has a clear TeeV “screen” for displaying all the surprises! All of the contents capture the crazy and creative energy of the FGTeeV videos.

433 Controller Pack scene low res.jpg

FGTeeV Mystery Controller Pack

Great things come in smaller packages! Brand new for Spring 2021, the gaming controller-shaped pack is filled with FGTeeV themed fun. Each mystery pack includes a blind bag collectible figure based on characters from their smash hit YouTube channels, an all-new Micro Stax figure,  putty, and vinyl stickers. The Controller Pack is the ideal unboxing experience at an affordable price.

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