At FGTeeV, the FV Family’s energy and enthusiasm is truly contagious! Their YouTube channels have 19+ million subscribers and 20 billion views to date.  The new line of figures and other toys from Bonkers are based on the FGTeeV family including Duddy, the kids, and their cast of animated characters.


FGTeeV Mystery Squishies Season 2

FGTeeV squishy figures are so soft and satisfying, kids can’t put them down. Based on FGTeeV’s most popular original characters, the Season 2 assortment is sure to excite.

FGTeeV Big Figs Season 2


Make a big statement with the 5.5” FGTeeV Big Figs featuring Duddy, Raptain Hook and more of kids’ favorite cast of characters from the FGTeeV family of YouTube channels. 6 different figures available in the Season 2 assortment.

FGTeeV Mini Mystery TeeV Season 2

Great things come in smaller packages!  New for Fall 2020, the silver Season 2 mini retro TV is filled with FGTeeV themed fun. Each mystery pack includes a blind bag collectible figure based on characters from their smash hit YouTube channels, photo-reactive putty, a mini black light, and vinyl stickers. The Mini Mystery TeeV is the ideal unboxing experience at an affordable price.

FGTeeV Mystery Figure 6 Pack Season 2

The FGTeeV Mini Figure 6 Pack is the perfect gift for fans who love collectibles. One figure is shown, and five are blind creating a fun unboxing surprise. 46 possible figures in the Season 2 assortment including  Laser Gamer Duddy, Baggo Beans, Ape Chase, Raptain Hook and rare figures.

FGTeeV Giant Mystery TeeV Season 2


The FGTeeV Family brings ultimate fun to their fans with the Season 2 Giant Mystery TeeV. The ultimate unboxing experience features a giant retro silver TV storage case, a collectible mini mystery figure based on animated characters from their YouTube channels, a surprise squishy and new XL Squishy, 5.5” articulated action figure, sound FX hanger, flashlight &  vinyl stickers. It even has a clear TeeV “screen” for displaying all the surprises! All of the contents capture the crazy and creative energy of the FGTeeV videos.

FGTeeV Mystery Figure 2 Packs Season 2


The FGTeeV Mystery Figure 2 Packs are the perfect addition for kids who love collectibles. One figure is shown, and one is blind creating a fun surprise. 46 figures in the Season 2 assortment including rare and super-rare versions.

FGTeeV Mystery Figure Blind Bags Season 2


The all new Season 2 FGTeeV Mystery Figure Blind Bags have arrived! Featuring a cast of characters from the FGTeeV and FV Family YouTube channels including: Laser Gamer Duddy, Baggo Beans, Ape Chase, Raptain Hook, and rare figures like Colonel on the Cob. Each blind bag comes with a single surprise figure. Collect them all.

FGTeeV Party In The Elevator


Party! Party! Party in the elevator! Based on the wildly popular FV Family YouTube video with over 55 million views to date, this set will bring the FGTeeV celebration from the screen to your kids. 


With all-new groovy figures, light-up party favors, and a musical button that plays the popular Party in the Elevator song for a sing along, the fun goes on and on!

FGTeeV Captain Hook's Sea Wagon


Based on the hugely popular FGTeeV Raptain Hook music video, the Sea Wagon is the must-have item for the ultimate FGTeeV fan. The sweet Sea Wagon features all-new figures in secret compartments, a barrel of noise putty, a DJ booth with light up dance floor to get the party started, and a built-in microphone and speakers to sing along with Raptain Hook. Don’t miss out on the fun with the most epic FGTeeV toy yet.

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