Braille is the #1 YouTube skateboarding channel with over 4.5 million subscribers and 1.4 billion lifetime views. Their series, Skate Everything, features crazy themed skateboards made from computer keyboards, surfboards, toys, and more.

201 - Braille Skateboarding Mini Skateboard Collectible Blind Bag 

Based on the wildly popular Skate Everything series on the Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel, fans can now collect miniature versions of epic skateboards Aaron Kyro and his crew have skated on his channel. Each finger board is based on an actual skateboard featured in their viral videos. Now is the chance to ollie an electric guitar, kickflip a computer keyboard, or boardslide with a 2’ x 4’!

202 - Braille Skateboarding Mini Skateboard Collectible 2 Pack 

What’s better than one Braille Skateboarding collectible mini board? Well two of course! The 2-Pack of finger boards features one that can be seen, and the other that is blind to add to the surprise. All are inspired by the Braille viral YouTube videos including the “glass” board, gummi bear grip tape board, and the chainsaw board. Collect them all and master your fingerboard tricks. 12 different boards in the first assortment.

203 - Braille Skateboarding Mini Skateboard Collectible 6 Pack 

The Mini Skateboard Collectible 6 Pack is an epic set for the channel’s biggest fans. It contains 6 boards, one that is shown and 5 that are hidden to add to the surprise. 12 different finger boards in the first assortment inspired by their Skate Everything YouTube Series. Boards include the electric guitar, computer keyboard, and the 2’ x 4’. Collect them all and become the ruler of rad fingerboard tricks. 

204 - Braille Skateboarding Mystery SK8 Builder Set

The Braille Mystery SK8 Set is the ultimate pack for the biggest Braille Skateboarding fans wanting to customize their own boards. Featuring the collector wheel storage case, 4 finger boards, advanced trucks, construction tool, mini stickers, ramp and grind rail. Featuring replicas of actual awesome boards from the Skate Everything series on their YouTube Channel. Can a door be kickflipped? Ollie an ironing board?  This set is endless epic fun.

205 - Braille Skateboarding Mini Skateboard Ramp

Want to practice kickflips with the awesome Braille finger boards? Grind the rail down a staircase? Catch some air on the vert ramp? This custom set is a great way to get started. Inspired by the Braille Skateboarding warehouse skate park, this set includes 4 ramps, 2 finger boards, 8 wheels, construction tool, and mini stickers. Featuring  boards from the hit series Skate Everything on the Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel. 

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