CLICK TO PLAY Toys & Collectibles!™ is the Google Play award-winning game and app with over 160 million downloads and 27 billion game plays in 2017. The free game and app appeals to elementary school-aged kids, tweens, teens and gamers of all ages creating a massive demand for the toys & collectibles from Bonkers Toys. The Bonkers Toys line includes blind bags, collectible backpack clips, plush, squishies, 3 packs and the new Build-a-Slither line where kids can create and construct their very own slithers. Bendable Slither Figure - Blind Bag

It's here!, the app that has been downloaded over 150 million times and was the #5 most searched term on Google in the U.S. for 2016. This gaming phenomenon translates perfectly to our toy line with hundreds of different “skins” to attain in the game. Bendable Figures are a collectors dream with Series 1 containing 15 different Slithers, including a super rare skin to enhance collectability. Bendable Slither Figure - 3 Pack

Can’t get enough The 3-Pack is for you. Featuring one mystery Slither along with two already showing their true colors.

Blind Box Plush w/ Backpack Clip

Loaded with personality and portability, these colorful and highly collectible Slithers have fans clamoring to collect them all. 15 assorted.

Bendable Small Plush

The 8” plush are cute and cuddly Slithers that both kids and collectors will adore. Featuring fan-favorite colors from the game. 8 assorted.

24" Bendable Plush

What’s the best way to make your Slither larger than life? The large plush is soft and oh-so-bendable, too. 6 assorted colors and styles.

Vinyl Collectible Figures

These stylized figures are the sure fire way to show you are a super fan! Featuring 6 of the most popular Slithers.™ Build-a-Slither Blind Bags

What could be better than building your own slither? With the Bonkers Toys Build-a-Slither Blind Bags, fans will find pieces to construct and create their own colorful slither. Each blind pack contains components to make one complete slither. 15 different blind bags in the assortment – collect them all!™ Build-a-Slither Multi-Pack

The Build-a-Slither multi-pack contains 32 colorful construction pieces that create up to four separate slithers. Or, string your pieces together to make your slither extra-long, just like when you are on the leader board in the game.™ Build-a-Slither Mega Pack

Mix, match and snap pieces together to create your super-sized slither. The Build-a-Slither Bag contains 120 pieces including special bonus components so kids and collectors can create slithers in multiple sizes and colors.

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